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The Daughters of 'Betty Sheffield'...

10 years ago

'Betty Sheffield' and her floral descendents are famously unpredictable. Some of her offspring include: 'Betty by George', 'Betty Sheffield Strawberry', 'Betty Lavender Pink', 'Betty Sheffield Supreme', 'Betty Pink Chiffon', 'Betty Sheffield Variegated', 'Betty Sheffield Baby', 'Betty Sheffield Veined', 'Betty Sheffield Blush', 'Betty Sheffield White', 'Betty Sheffield Blush Variegated', 'Betty Sheffield Coral', 'Betty Sheffield White Throat', 'Betty Sheffield Dawn', 'Betty's Beauty', 'Betty Sheffield Dream', 'Betty's Pink Organdy', 'Betty Sheffield Lavender', 'Blond Betty', 'Betty Sheffield Light Pink', 'Funnyface Betty', 'Betty Sheffield Light Pink Variegated', 'Betty Sheffield Peony', 'Blush Supreme', 'Betty Sheffield Pink', 'Lucky Seven', 'Betty Shefffield Pinkheart', 'Betty's Blond Superlative', 'Betty Sheffield Pink Variegated', 'Betty Sheffield Purple', 'Adrienne's Betty', 'Betty Sheffield (Ray's Speckled)', 'Betty Sheffield Rose Form', 'Betty Sheffield Silver', 'Betty Sheffield Ruby Red', 'Betty Sheffield Special', 'Blonde Betty'.

Do you grow 'Betty Sheffield', or any of these other cultivars? Photos, please!

Here's are 2 photos I took yesterday of a camellia labelled 'Funny Face Betty'- most of her many flowers look like the attached photo, but one branch decided to go all pink (photo attached to the next post)... Neither flower looks exactly like the ACS photo, or the Nomenclature description, but it's quite possible that this started out as that light-pink 'FFB' and after a number of mutations, this is what we get this year.

The picture quality isn't great- thanks to low-light conditions, and the fact that I'm not such a wonderful photographer- but you might enjoy these anyway...

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