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Newly purchased sick Camellias (pics)

8 years ago

Hello all,
I'm a sort of a newb on here, but would without a doubt greatly benefit from your advice on how to care for some camellias I've recently brought home and planted. The first one is "pink perfection," and I got it discounted. The leaves that are green are light green and some are yellow... And some have what looks like burnt edges. I amended the soil with some organic garden soil, and biotone soil acidifier. Hope that's ok?

The second one was labeled "winter's fire," and even tho I paid full price for it and thought it was healthy at the time, I'm questioning it now. I immediately noticed that the leaves are shiny, which I expect, but also have almost an iridescence to them. Almost looks like a coating, which I doubt will show in pics on this rainy day. Also, very few of the leaves are turning whitish/beige. I didn't do much amending to the soil. Think I have it some starter fertilizer.

I'm in Richmond, Va. The spot is sunny from about 11am until 2 for the pink perfection, and the sun hangs around a little longer for the winters fire, maybe till 3ish. They might get more sun in mid summer here though. I think it's southeast exposure? They're in front of my house where there is a corner from the front porch.

Any advice I would greatly appreciate.

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