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Help with Sick Avocado Tree on Catalina Island

14 years ago

Hi everyone-

I recently began volunteering at a camp on Catalina Island, which has a garden in its incipient stages. We're trying to get new plants in, and mend the ones that are here. One of the plants is an avocado whose leaves range from brownish to yellowish to green. It has been in the ground for about a year and a half. It's planted on a steep slope in a pit about 1 1/2 ft deep, 3 ft wide (though I heard this is bad, so we will try terrace it). The plant receives full sun from the south and is in a clay soil with an alkaline pH of 7.5. During the summer it is on a drip line with a biweekly 45 minute watering cycle, while during the rainy winter it is not watered. Also, does anyone know if it needs another plant to produce? I can check on the variety. Any help is appreciated, as being from the north I don't know much about growing tropical fruit.


Avocado plant tree





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