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Suggestions needed to replace brick planter walls

15 years ago

I'm not entirely sure what to call them (retaining wall, planter walls, etc) but I have these brick walls around my backyard that enclose the planters. The cement around it is the aggregate type.

I want to replace the brick with some other kind of stone, but I am not sure what or where to get it. I have looked at Home Depot and they did not have anything that looked nice.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use instead of the brick and where I can get it? (I'm in San Jose, CA) It does not look like the bricks can be cleaned to look "new" or "nice".

Here are some pictures of my backyard and the brick planter walls:





Please keep in mind that we are remodeling our pool and will have new brick coping around the edge. It will be a deep dark red color. So we will have some brick in the backyard still (plus backdoor steps are brick).

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