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New Butterflies out and rain,rain,rain...

10 years ago

We are having just a downpour down here in south Al.But,during a sunny
Break abt two days ago I saw two beautiful Spicebush swallowtails in my
Back yard and I was able to approach them because they were sunning.
Both of them looked so fresh and perfect Maybe they were just out and
Had emerged in a sheltered place.Well,I hope they found another one since
The rain started again that night.I also saw a Palamedes that afternoon
In the back yard almost to the edge sitting on a wet ash mound under a
Tree.It may have been probing for minerals as it also was unconserned
That I was standing so close looking down at it on the ground.It had that
New look too.I left it alone and went over to my pool garden to work but
I did watch it from a distance and when it left the ash mound it flew into
A more open wooded clearing where it encountered another Palamedes.
The two butterflies began to chase each other abt and were soon out
Of my sight.
I would like to learn more abt how weather cycles impact butterflies.
I have been enjoying everyone's posts so much,and hope soon to be
Able to post abt my Black Swallowtails when the last 8 out of 17 emerge.

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