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camellias as foundation? pics

I am in the process of re-doing my foundation. The front of the house is north facing. I had blue princess hollies, tea olives, daphne and hawthorne of some sort. Anyway, the tea olives grew too big, the hollies and hawthornes were struggling from the lack of sun, the daphne is very happy. I dug everything up except the daphne and moved them 3-4 weeks ago and now want to re-plant with more shade tolerant plants. My husband loves camellias and would like to put one on either side of the front steps where the blue princess hollies were. We had a camellia on the other corner of the house that thrived until it got hit by lightning. It was a japonica and I think it was called "Elizabeth Acree".

Anyway would y'all advise the camellia in this situation. If so, which kind? I would like one that I can keep around 5-6 ft tall. Slow growth if fine. I'm thinking of a white flowering variety, DH wants red. So recommendations of either color would be great.



a pic from last year


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