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Will these plants be low maintenance and give an Asian feel?

15 years ago

We live in Sacramento so the weather can get very hot during the summer. We are doing our backyard over and I would like an Asian feel - calm, serene. I would like the yard to be low maintenance and plants that will be drought tolerant. Also, would like plants to eventually grow to hide the fence. A landscaper suggested camellia sasangua, which when fully grown would reach 4'- 5' and Rhododendrons (purplish or purplish red) to be placed in front of the fence. The other suggested plants are Liriope muscari, Azalea - Gumpo Pink, Asparagus densielorus (meyer), Ophiopogon japonica (dwarf), and Helxine soleirolii.

How well do these plants grow? And will we be picking up dead flowers often?. Thanks in Advance

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