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14 years ago

I found these flowers in a park in Marysville. Most of the other species present in the park were invasive weeds, but I'm not sure about these.


The flowers appear to be clearly from the lily family, with a set of three petals atop another set of three petals. Specifically, the flowers seem to most closely resemble Triteleia hyacinthina. Except:

1. The flowers were not growing in clusters. There were many of these flowers in the park, but each stem had only one flower on the end of it, rather than a cluster of flowers as one would expect from Triteleia hyacinthina.

2. The lines down the center of the petals are quite distinctly purple, which does not seem to be typical of Triteleia hyacinthina (based on the photographs I can find online).

3. I can't find any clear photographs of Triteleia hyacinthina foliage, but I grow Triteleia laxa in my yard, so I'm familiar with the texture of those. The flowers in the park had similarly shaped long, grasslike leaves, but their leaves were much softer, limper (drooping completely flat on the ground), and greyer. The leaves of my Triteleia laxa are quite stiff and bright green, drastically different from the leaves of the flowers in the park.

So, does anyone here know what kind of flowers these might be?

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