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I can't believe I did that!

17 years ago

So I baked a cake (poppyseed with cream cheese icing) and I was serving it to some friends tonight...

Somehow I managed to forget to remove the two wax paper discs on the bottoms of the layers and I iced the cake with them still on! Fortunately my friends thought this was hilarious and a sure sign that I need to bake more cakes - I'm obviously out of practice :-)


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  • mora
    17 years ago

    LOL Bonnie! That would have been the perfect follow-up to last nights roast chicken dinner with the little giblets bag left inside! M

  • tiffy_z5_6_can
    17 years ago

    Oh, Bonnie! That's too much! LOL!! So, who was the first to discover the paper?

  • peatpod
    17 years ago

    ROFLMAO ... That's so cute :o) Your lucky your friends have a good sence of humor :o)


  • msjean
    17 years ago

    That's a good one !!
    You should have laughed and told them they were on "Gags" (the TV show) and had more fun with them.
    Sometimes I laugh so hard when I watch that show that my face hurts :))
    I bet your cake was so good they didn't mind the wax paper a bit !!

  • bonniepunch
    Original Author
    17 years ago

    We kind of all noticed it at the same time - when I cut out the second piece there was a big bit sticking out... But yeah, these are very easy going friends and wouldn't get upset at something like that! It'll provide fodder for those "remember when" stories :-)

    One of the friends is positive it's his fault - he seems to have a cake curse. Everytime someone makes a cake he gets the slice with the piece of egg shell ot the nut shell :-)

    I've left the bag of giblets in the chicken too, but that's not so bad - at least it's hidden! I think the worst thing I've ever seen happen to a chicken was when my brother and I were both visiting my parents at the same time. He also likes to cook, so we were making a big dinner - he put the chicken in the oven... Neither my brother nor myself had ever used a self cleaning oven before and he accidentally started the cleaning cycle! It turned out you couldn't open the oven door until it had gone through the whole process and cooled down!! I can't remember who, but someone decided to try throwing the circut breaker and that reset it. Since it had only been about five minutes the oven wasn't too hot to open and the chicken was saved :-)


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