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Transplanting/Separating Aloes & 'pups'

15 years ago

I'm sure my answer is buried somewhere in these forum, but hopefully I can saved from an hour long search. I'm specifically trying to find out:

Plant Type:

I thought my aloe was a Aloe saponaria but after looking through photos this aloe is much different, the only similarities are the white spots, small spikes, defined center and the red/orange flowers with a base that splits 3 ways.. Here's two picture links of my aloe for reference perhaps someone know which kind it is ;) (Originally told it was aloe vera when I got it.)

Pictures located on my profile at


^^As you can see they are everywhere :)


^^Flower bud is 3 times the size of all the other aloes


1. "What are considered a fully formed 'pup' and after seeing it appear above ground how long should I wait to separate from the mother?"

I have a large group of aloe which started at around 4 mother plants and has explanded over two years to at least 200 pups 30 of which can be easily seen above ground.

2. "What is the safest way to transplant these aloes to a pot and/or 2' by 4'(estimated) raised pot/bed?"

Thank you so much for your time everyone. I will put up a picture gallery page when I get an organized garden started right now it's just aloes/sweet onion set between a large tree ;)



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