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Wind tolerant plants for So. Cal

15 years ago

Hi there, did a search on plants that can take the Santa Ana's and didn't find much. We had an area landscaped in the front yard and the designer put in plants including iceburg roses and hydrangeas that don't handle the wind very well. So far I have lost about 6 plants in the last year. Some have just gotten blown right out of the ground others have snapped. The area is in front of a wall and plants would probably get 4 hrs sun. I live on a corner and the wind just sweeps down our street and blasts the wall. Would love any suggestions you may have or shrubs / perrenials that have held up well for you. I really need some color in this area either in flower or foliage (burgandy would be great). They would also be sitting under some trees. Thanks for your help!

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