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Faces2Names: Member Mural now in Image Gallery

14 years ago

The "Member Mural", now 20 mugshots strong, has been posted in the image gallery because GardenWeb's code generator for the FAQ is broken. The mural is a collage of member images sent in on the ...faces to names... topic in this forum.

The gallery page does not move as fast and it will be fairly easy to keep this on page one. Future murals will include the picture count and older murals will drop off page one.

When you go to the mural topic in the gallery, you will be staring at a lavendar screen; just scroll down to the member roster and images(another GardenWeb code quirk).

There is no 60k image size limit in the gallery; at about 400k, the mural will be a bit slow for you dial-ups, but then, we only want quality images for our lovely faces!

Latecomers, newcomers, and the shy are welcome to join in by posting pictures to the original forum topic or the gallery topic.

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