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Good Macro Feature on a low cost Digital Camera!

14 years ago

Hello again from the Bear,

I have been using a Canon Powershot A540 to take the photos that I have periodically posted to this site. The camera doesn't belong to me and must be left behind when I move to SJO. So, I went out and bought myself one, a Canon Powershot SX100 IS.

Gosh, you know I said it before that a digital camera gives a person a lot of instant flexibility, but that I was totally unsatisfied with the macro feature. It was next to useless. Well besides having a lot of new features like built in pop-up flash, making movies longer than 2 minutes, and others, the 'SX100 IS' does a good job of macro photography ( at least compared to the 'A540' ). Forgive me as I can not critique other cameras as these two digitals are the only ones I have had to play with.

Here're some examples.



with flash active, this quarter is a white-out ...


with flash turned off, the quarter is still obscure ...



Canon SX100 IS:

Notice how poor the focus is on this photo of the 'SX100 IS' which was taken with the A540 in Auto Mode. If you look above at the pic of the A540 taken with the 'SX100 IS' in Auto mode, you'll note a difference. Of course, I wasn't working very hard to ensure better results in either case. But the results are marked.


The new camera does all the work in auto mode, even to decide whether or not to use flash and hey, you can tell you have a quarter ...


This Puya is about an inch and a half tall and is growing in a Jiffy 7 peat pellet.


Next time I come across a butterfly or a dragonfly on a Bougainvillea, I will be prepared to take a better photo.


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