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Please help me keep my jade plant alive!

12 years ago

I'm sorry this is going to be so long...I wanted to include as much information as possible. :-\

I live in Georgia, and I'm terrible with plants, but I love them. I was given a jade plant by a coworker a couple of years ago and have been steadily killing it since then. It used to be a pretty good size; I'd say about twelve inches was just a single trunk with some leaves sticking out all up the length of it. But I overwatered it, and it started drooping due to rot. I tried to save it by cutting the leaves and trying to get them to root, but for the longest time, it didn't look like it was working at all. Finally, only one small nodule was left, which hadn't died or grown, I was certain that it was done for and left it outside. This was last March; in the course of time that I had had the plant at that point, I moved twice. It lived first in a dark room with no windows, then by a large glass door, and finally outside.

A few weeks after we'd moved, I noticed that the "dead" jade looked very green...lo and behold, it had actually started growing! Figuring the best thing I could possibly do for it was ignore it, I did the best I could by doing just that. It stayed outside all summer long and only got watered when it rained. I poured the excess out but otherwise tried not to pay any attention to it. It seemed to be flourishing; it grew to have a total of six leaves and was probably about six inches high. Then at the end of fall, when it started to get cold, it rained one last was a huge downpour; a lot of the times, I'd put the jade in the garage if it rained that much, but this time I left it out. When I did get it in the garage, the soil never did seem to dry out any; I finally panicked and repotted it with cactus soil that I have. Then I put it back inside where it lived on a ledge next to a window.

All winter long it seemed mostly fine; it didn't grow, but it didn't die any either. I hardly watered it. Then, about a month ago, the leaves started drooping and dropping off; soon it was down to just the four top leaves. I watered it, hoping that's what it needed, but that didn't seem to help. I put it back outside, since that seemed to work last time, and the whole top half of it, right below what's left of the leaves, drooped over to the point where it was breaking away from the main stem. I brought it back inside, thinking maybe it was still too cold for it, but nothing seemed to help, so this morning I cut the drooping part off in hopes that it will reroot.

I know this is long, and I really appreciate anyone who's still with me. Any advice would be good. Thanks!

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