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a question on a trapped pony tail palm...

14 years ago

Hi guys, I'm new to the site, but already feel like I've learned a lot from reading some of the back pages of this forum, there is such a wealth of knowledge here!

so here is my question:

I was recently given an adorable pony tail palm, probably a foot and a half tall, and seemingly healthy, but it is stuck in a pot with no drainage, who knows what kind of soil, and small rocks glued all over the top... I worry about watering because I cant touch the soil to see if it is dry or wet, and there is absolutely no drainage. I must confess I don't know what to do... In fear of over watering I have taken to not watering until he droops or his leaf tips start to look a little brown, but I feel bad... I have no idea how to re-pot him into something more convenient for watering, the rocks are glued with some sort of ultra amazing glue so that I even had a hard time pulling one off with pliers... Does anyone have any advise?

I have another ponytail which I've had for several years in a regular pot, and she is doing very well, has grown a decent amount in the years ive had her, and appears happy. I'd be much more comfortable with the new plant if I could test his soil before watering the way I can with hers, doing it blind just makes me nervous....

does anyone have any suggestions for how to get him out, or a way of knowing when to water with him in that pot?



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