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My Aloe Plant is sick from overwatering rot, Help Please!

15 years ago

Today I came home and went to look at my little aloe vera Love, (yes I named my plant) and quite suddenly one of the leaves had a large rotted place at the base. It was the entire bottom two inches of that leaf, and this is the only one whos tip had been snipped off for use. I did a search and saw that a combination of a glazed pot with too small a drainage hole and soil that didn't drain well had caused overwatering. Upon learning that it was only really saveable if the stem itself is solid, I very carefully un potted my aloe to check, and all the roots just fell off, so they most definatley were rotted. However, the stem is solid and perfectly white, no brown at all, and a new leaf had just started growing in the center. All of the other leaves (except for one that had been kind of dead looking and beat up when I got the plant) look perfectly healthy, right shade of bright green, not mushy at the base, and I'm wondering if I can either somehow re-root this plant, or take a cutting to start, or if I should just go and buy a new aloe plant. This is really the first plant I've had that I actually had that was mine and I'd really like to save it. Thanks in advance for any help.

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