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Hello from a new Member

15 years ago

Hi everyone my name is Richard and I am a BROMAHOLIC.

I have been watching for a while now and have enjoyed the helpful information and tips, so thought it was time I joined.

I have grown Broms for a few years now and have many genera.

Foliage vriesea are my favorite.

I live 1 hour from town in the sticks (NSW Australia) where we get -6 to 46 and its surprising what grows well and what does not.

This winter my Alcantarea had bad frost damage but large Neo's (cockabell x DeRolf and correia-araujoi) came thru unblemished. Also vriesea gigantea (not a mark) thru winter and now coming to flower.

I am also dabbling with foliage vriesea crosses and have seedlings coming along.

Will post some photo's as I get more familiar to the site.

Cheers - Richard - The Bromaholic

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