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Aristolochia Trilobata questions

15 years ago

I recently purchased some plants on Ebay and the seller included a bonus plant, an Aristolochia trilobata. I haven't been able to find out much in my googling. Most of what I found was contradictory or lacking in detail. My wife fell in love with this vine when we she saw it at the Fullerton Arboretum last year, but I thought it would engulf our house and spit us out, judging by the size of their specimens, so I told her NO! I am wondering if I should plant it or pitch it?

Who's got it, is it vigorous like Passiflora (I have a 10'h x 8'w wall to devote to it on the north side of the house, part shade,is that enough space?) , what does it like, do you get any butterflies, is there a secret to get more of the groovy flowers? Also, is this a candidate for a container with a trellis in full sun on a concrete deck?

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