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shrubs/small trees for large pots

15 years ago

I'm considering several options for large pots and I would like to know if any of you have grown them potted - how did they do?

For a shady spot next to the back fence on the patio: Hinoki cypress, Hollywood juniper or Thuja. I need some height in this spot so the fence isn't so prominent.

Next - this spot had a privot that was cut down a year ago. I have a rose in a pot that isn't going to be tall enough or full enough for this spot. I'm considering: Pittosporum crassefolia or toyon for a large pot (24-26") that would sit on the privot stump. Would either of these plants do well in a pot?

I'm also planning to put a black stem bamboo in a pot, in the garden bed. Is this a clumping or running bamboo? If it's running, might the runners grow out of the hole in the bottom of the pot?

A bit off topic: I am planning to put a boxwood and ?? under Mdme Alfred. Before Mdme Alfred leafs out, this spot will get afternoon sun, but after Mdme Alfred leafs out, it's pretty shady. Would a Raphiolepsis 'ballerina' work there - or should I choose something that will be happier in shade.