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Any books about vegetable gardening in San Francisco?

Laurel Zito
13 years ago

This is my first vegetable garden in two raised beds. I would like to find a book about San Francisco Gardening. It is so hard to select the plants, because I don't know how they will perform in my climate. I am planning on Carrots, basil, cucumber, lettuce, mint (in a pot). I already have basil seeds, and I planted strawberries in a baggy from Lowe's. They were 3.95 for 10 plants, but I don't think they will grow will. I don't like zucchini, I know that is the easy one to grow. I tried pumpkins once and they all turned bad and fell off the vine in their infancy. If I get tomatoes I am going to just buy the plant, the seeds are too hard to germinate. With all this rain we can only dream instead of getting to work planting. But the rain seems to protect from the cold and cold damage.

Here is a link that might be useful: My vegetable bins

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