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How sense should my plantings be?

15 years ago

I just received my certificate as an official Monarch Way Station. I'm quite excited. However, one of the criteria (or questions they asked) was how I would control the spacing of my plants to provide optimum habitat for the butterflies. Does anyone know how you know what is good spacing for various types of plants? My plants include:

Common Milkweed

Swamp Milkweed

Lanceleaf Coreopsis

Anise Hyssop

Wild Phlox

Downy Sunflower

Hoary Vervain

Showy Goldenrod

Black-Eyed Susan

Purple Coneflower

Monarda Lombata

Dotted Mint

Wild Blue Lupine


Right now, they are all just filling in nicely, so I don't have as much weeding to do. I can see that things will get crowded in the next year or so. How crowded is OK? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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