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Off Topic' Friggin Squirrels

15 years ago

I was at home sick today and caught the stupid thing. All this time I was blaming my devil dog for digging up my bulbs and scattering the seeds I planted outside! I know the dog has done some digging in one bed and I found some bulbs on the ground so I planted them in my big cast iron pot under some other things. Well Mr. Squirrel went from bed to bed and pot to pot stuffing his little cheeks and then went straight to the cast iron pot and rooted up the bulbs again. What the heck is he doing? I thought they ate nuts? If I feed him will he leave my other stuff alone or start bringing his friends to dig in the beds with him? I managed to yell at him and run him off and cook some chicken soup and that was about it today. He was a big fat red squirrel and if he keeps it up I am going to try out my old recipe for squirrel with grits and gravy on him, lol. I felt a little better yesterday and forced myself to work on my plants. Now my whole body hurts again and the squirrel is eating all my stuff. Whhhaaaahaaaaa. Sorry for the whining. I guess something is going around. One of our employees whole family is sick and now my husband is hurting all over too. I hated having a day off and spending it in the bed. I didn't even feel like getting on the forum til now. I missed quite a bit, lol.

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