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HAVE: Orange County Spring '08 Plant Exchange

Bryan Lampl
14 years ago

Hi Everyone, hope the plants are doing good, should be after all the rain. There has been some chatter about having a plant exchange and the main issue is a location. My driveway is certainly big enough for an exchange and if we can find a good day to do it then I will make it available. The last one at Mike's drew around twenty people and I would hope we can do that again. It was nice to see everyone again plus all the new faces too. Start spreading the word to all that would be interested and we'll try to put together a day. Saturday is best for me. I also think that we should start compiling a contact list of all the local traders, so send me your info or add it to your post if you want to be involved in the trade. By the way, I am in Westminster so that is centrally located in O.C. and hopefully that will help get everyone together. Otherwise, with a contact list put together, we can plan for a fall trade when it is a good time to get plants in the ground....

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