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Think I know cause of problem with garden, but need more help!

15 years ago

Thanks everyone for answering my questions about what could be causing several plants in my garden to be doing so poorly.

It was mostly the zinnias and gerbera daisy. Once I took off the zinnia flowers that didnt look good and all the leaves that were chewed on, I saw there were more buds underneath. That was about two days ago and now one bud on each plant is starting to open. They look much better!

But here is the problem. The japanese beetles are swarming to these plants. I think that was one of the causes of them doing so poorly. It doesnt look like the japanese beetles go after verbena, which half of my garden consists of. Is there any way I can rid myself of these pests? Or is my only solution to buy plants that dont attract beetles?

I dont want to spray anything, not that I know if there is anything effective, because it just so happens that the zinnias are near my parsley. Is there anything natural I could use that wouldnt harm other insects?

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