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OT Latest Obsession- Pic Heavy

Okay I have been away awhile. This winter I was bored and starting seeds again wasn't cutting it lol. So I decided to try incubating some mail order eggs. I had been talking to dh about getting chickens again and he said okay but not till March. I was like okay no chickens till March but he didn't say anything about incubating eggs and besides shipped eggs have a low hatch rate right?

So in December I got some Eggs for Blue Copper Marans, Blue Americananas, and Black Marans and the adventure began.


This is the first hatchling in the second batch of French Black Copper Marans. He was telling the others to hurry up and hatch, he desperately wanted friends.


Fuzzy Butts!!!

This one had some foot problems and I kept him seperated with a Bear for a friend. Boy he sure got attatched to that Bear lol!

Here are some from the 3rd batch I incubated. They are Eating-Pooping_Machines!


A little Older (Blue Ameraucanas)I can't believe how good these guys were they just sat there lol


French Black Copper Marans (These guys were live wires impossible to keep in a basket lol)


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