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15 years ago

Remember I asked if you heard of Shoal Creek Succulents? Well, I visited the site.

I can't recall where SC was located, but 2 yrs ago, the told me he wanted to sell. He even wrote asking if I was

Anyway, while checking their new updated site, sure enough, SC has new owners. Guess where? IL!

Problem is, it's a long, long drive..Besides, if one wants to visit the gh, an appointment must be made.

Anyway, I wrote a list of plants I'm interested in. Some are basic succulents, most I've never heard. If you or anyone knows if these are caudex, will you please let me know? I can do a search per plant, but it'll take forever, so I'm asking for help from those who know the plant first-hand. Please don't do a search. Thanks.

Ipomoea albivenia, I. pescapre brasiliensis, I. Sp. tree Ecuador.

Tylecodon wallichii.

Jathrophia mehafalensis, J. cinerea

Pelargenium crithmifolium, P. klinghardtense, P. carnosum

Fauquieria columnaris, Monsonia herrei, Adenia venenata, Sans golden, Cissus toberosa, Cyphostemma juttae, Delonix decaryi, Pachypodium rutenbergianum, Aloe Variegated (no speices) Haworthia limifolia, Cyanotis, Oyster plant, Tradescantia pluminensis, Callisia navicularis, Discorea hemicrypta

That's it..I can't buy all that's listed, so I'd like to choose plants that are suited to Caudex newbies, and grow well.

Plants I'm familiar with are: Sans golden, P. rutenbergianum, Oyster and Aloe Variegated. TIA, Toni

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