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A Big 'Thank You' To GardenWeb!

14 years ago

Just wanted to mention how I & I'm sure ALL of you appreciate the fact GardenWeb allows us to be here every day (most of the time!) lol! I think we sometimes forget WHO makes this site possible for us. I know - I'm getting a little 'mushy' this morning. But - I read an article online last night which had an effect on me. People (myself included) don't realize the 'behind the scenes' it takes to get a site up & running (especially a FREE site.) I guess I've not really given it alot of thought & I've taken for granted what other people do to make this site possible! :) I just wanted to give GardenWeb (and the many people behind the scenes) a huge 'Thank you' for making this site possible! It's very much appreciated!


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