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Amies in greenhouse vs amies in warm garage room with lights.

Noni Morrison
11 years ago

Thought someone else might be interested in this as you hope and plan for expanded growing room....I hoped the greenhouse would give me expanded space for my amaryllis collection, but I am now moving as many as possible back to my workroom in the garage. This is an 11 by 7' room with banks of fluorescent grow lights on two walls...Six shelves total. It also has all windows on south and east sides, but sun is too low in winter to get over the tall firs to the east...Aside from the lights the room is only heated by a small $12 electric heater from the local hardware store, but the walls are insulated. This room is maintaining a pleasant 76-82 degrees. In the greenhouse in our grey mild winter weather, the lights are on from 8 AM to 6 PM right now (Because I am blooming out fancy chrysanthemums who need a specific 10 hours of light a day to set buds. The temperature is maintaining at about 60 degrees with the help of 2 of the little electric heaters, one at each end of the greenhouse.

IN the greenhouse bulbs are rotting like last year, especially the new ones that had some bruises from being mailed. I have now moved 150 of the weakest ones to the nice dry room to recover and my seedlings are looking much better. I may set up a lamp in the back corner to fit in some more through the darkest winter time. The flowers that are actually blooming are in the greenhouse where they seem to bloom forever in the cooler setting.

On other news, I actually have 2 lovely seed pods set on one of the Aussie bulbs crossed with another one! I think the mother plant was Valerie Marie and forget right now who the Papa wa,s but it is looking real hopeful for seeds! the first pod is about an inch in diameter and looking a good healthy green still and well filled out. A second pod is forming also and looking helpful.

Probably about March or april I will start moving Amies back to the greenhouse, (if I have any room with garden seedlings being started). And they summer over in the greenhouse where it is always warm to hot and dry and no NBF. I think things will go much better from here on in, and I have an order from Royal Colors on the way here now. Others in bloom now are Shirley May and Green Dragon and a lovely big red Ferrari.

My Maguires bulbs did not root well this time and most are blooming with little root and the stems are way too short, some almost non-existant. I am sure my Shirley May was bigger the last time, but badly virused so I tossed it once I learned that.This one is failing to impress,lacking the interesting color changes and variations.

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