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My One and Only Tobacco Hornworm

10 years ago

I've got 10 tomato plants, 4 Betterboys (in the shade), 2 Pink Brandywines and 4 Arkansas Travelers. I found a hatchling on a Pink Brandywine, I moved it to one of the Betterboys, since they're not flowering, but growing real good, but it disappeared. Yesterday I noticed a section of a Pink Brandywine that had been chewed down badly, and I found the culprit, a mid-instar tobacco hornworm. This time, instead of moving it to the sacrificial vines, I cut off some leaves from them, stuck them in water in a leftovers container with holes punched in the top, and put the caterpillar in an empty cage on my porch to raise myself. I rarely ever raise tobacco hornworms, but they seem to be getting scarce, so I thought I'd better bring him in before he got parasitized - so far, no white cocoons have shown up on its body. I plan to put some clean leaves in a container for it to burrow in to make its pupa when the time comes. Here's hoping it hasn't been parasitized by tachinid flies!



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