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How do know what you don't know :)

Vanessa 8a
15 years ago

I have been reading the WS forum for a few weeks and I have also read all of the FAQ. I have gotten some pretty great advise already but I have a few doubts still before I start my first attempt at WS.

It seems most on the forum likes to WS flowers which are wonderfully gorgeous indeed. My want though is for Herbs and well mostly veggies (madders, peppers etc) though. Considering you have been there and done that and I am reading but with specifics to Tomatoes, veggies and Herbs:

What are your successes and why?

What were your oh no's and why?

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  • shellva
    15 years ago

    Hey neighbor! I'm just south of you in NC near Elizabeth City.

    Anyway, last year was my first year winter sowing.

    I didn't do many herbs other than basil (I waited on basil like I did the tomatoes and peppers). Oh, I did winter sow chamomile, corriander and I think borage in December with great results. I would think things like chives would be great for wsing.

    As for the tomatoes and peppers, I waited until mid to late February for those. Our weather here is so odd. One day you are in the 70's and the next night we are down in the high 20's. Because of this fact I waited for the peppers and tomatoes.

    Also, after peppers and tomatoes germinated, I did bring those jugs in on nights with freezing temps but the jugs went back out the next day.

    Others with more experience say they ws their tomatoes and peppers in the bitter cold. I just can't bring myself to do that. But hey, I grew ALL my own tomato plants last year even gave some away to friends and neighbors and sold some at our neighborhood yard sale. I had tomatoes out the whazoo all summer.

    My only "oh no's" last year was alyssum. Had some great plants going but they froze solid and died in that freeze we had mid February '07.


  • Vanessa 8a
    Original Author
    15 years ago


    Thanks for the information. I guess I'm just going to have to roll up my sleeve and try ;p

    P.S. - what does OT stand for??

  • rosepedal
    15 years ago

    Hi it stands for off topic. I just learned DH stands for dear husband. Barb

  • mudinmyshorts
    15 years ago

    How do I know what I don't know?

    Why that's easy ... my know it all wife tells me.