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When do Monarchs start laying eggs in Michigan?

16 years ago

I have planted two butterfly gardens, one at home and one at our cottage. Yesterday afternoon, I saw a lone Monarch landing briefly on some butterfly weeds and then flitting to another butterfly weed. I couldn't follow it around closely, because I only saw it because someone had come to my front door and I was stuck talking to them. This morning I tried to retrace the butterfly's "steps", hoping to find some eggs. (I assumed it was trying to lay eggs since these plants probably won't even bloom this year.) Is it likely I'll find eggs this time of year in my area? How quickly might predators find and destroy any eggs? Would a Monarch be just "scoping out" the area and not laying eggs? I am overly excited, of course, and should probably just cool my jets. But I want to raise some Monarchs! I have enough milkweed and butterfly weed to feed an army of them. I just sent in my application for my Monarch Waystation Certification, too. What do you all think?


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