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Neo. with a trunk

13 years ago

Hi all, a bit quiet lately so thought I would post a few pics from our monthly NZ society meeting on Tuesday night.

This Neo. Hybrid below was bought in my a member to talk about as part of a "my favourite plant" session we have started, where members can bring in a plant or two and give a quick talk about them. It was labelled Neo. tristis x johannis Rubra and was reported as possibly up to 20 years old and has never flowered !!


The trunk was a good foot high above the pot and around 1.5 inches diameter. I'm pretty sure johannis Rubra is now identified as something else (not sure of name...anyone ??), but it was commonly used with hybrids in the early days.


It has had numerous pups over the years, with some interestingly coming from the very base (as shown in this case), but also in various spots up the stem. I thought it looked fantastic, the photo doesn't really do it justice.

Anyone got any other "Neo trunkers" out there ?...We know 'Burnsie's Spiral' and 'Purple Wave' do it...anyone got anything else to show ?

The following Vrieseas were also on show in the competition section, two very nice new hybrids from the Kiwi stable...


Vr. 'Solar Flare' (another compact plant with wide leaves that I believe will go quite white in colour in high light)


Vr. 'Tasman Hybrid' (unamed as yet with a nice peach/pink flush in the inner leaves, it looked very nice.)...There were a couple of other nice ones there too...a bugger when your battery goes flat !



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