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Help with Aloe Vera Plant with tiny black spots

11 years ago

Hi everyone, I have an aloe vera plant indoors on which I just discovered tiny (pinprick-type) black spots. The spots are on about half of the leaves and they first reminded me of maybe some black mold. They're inside the leaves (they don't rub off or anything). I thought they may be from overwatering, or too much sun, but I can't find a picture anywhere that looks like the spots. Can I treat them or eliminate them? If not, should I cut off every leaf that has them, or continue to let them grow? The leaves seem healthy otherwise. Would they still be usable for the aloe gel in them, or if it is mold, should I not plan to use the leaves? Any help would be great!

Here's a link to pictures of one leaf with the most spots and one healthy leaf:

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