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Another Hybridising Journey

16 years ago

This past couple of months I have read every single post on this Forum. And then I stepped into your circle and started asking questions, showed you some of my pictures, shared some of my experiences, asked for help, nagged for more information, boldly stepped 'into the realm of Trade Secrets', made some friends and got totally hooked. I got totally obsessed by these plants that bite you when you fiddle with them. And now I am as ready as I can be to go yet another step forward - to try to create new ones! This is the point where one realises you can obtain so much knowledge and information, but now is the point where you have to jump into the water and learn to swim otherwise you drown. So, now start the practical side that usually shows you how little you realy know.

My hibridising journey has begun! (Devo, I'm just borrowing your phrase!) I did my first cross-pollination yesterday, and repeated the exercise today. I just had to work with the only two plants that are in flower. Later on when my plants all start maturing and multiplying, I will approach this with a plan but for now, I am basically going to pollinate whatever flowers for me.

Thank you for very one of you that contributed! Please go on doing so, I still have a long way to go and a LOT to learn!

And this is what my 'boarding pass ' looks like:


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