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FAQzilla Monster Look-up List of Scientific Names Posted

15 years ago

Our FAQ now includes a master list of common names and matching scientific names.

I wanted to do this about 3 years ago, now my improved computer skills have made it easier.

The problem with published lists such as NABA and others is that they are scientifically ordered. If you don't know that a Viceroy is a brush-foot or nymphalid, you have to search through all the categories to find your name.

The list I posted is simply all common names alphabetized. Following each common name is the scientific name, followed by the common family and subfamily, and finally the scientific family and subfamily.

The whole list is in a tidy scrollbox, most of the arrow keys will work on it, also home and end keys, etc. Thank goodness the GardenWeb FAQ accepts the textarea HTML tag without interference. This is an excellent method because it allows the data column titles to remain fixed above the scrollbox.

I would like feedback on whether anyone has difficulty viewing it. Also, it will be easy to add more common names to the list, just post your requests to the forum.

The data is from various sources, and yes, I have edited it to my preferences, but suggestions are welcome.

Note that the data is separated by a double underscore (__) for readability. If you copy and past the whole list into Wordpad and replace all __ with commas, you can then import the , list into a spreadsheet program and sort on any column you like.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!

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