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16 years ago

Hello all,

I have read that Pipevine swallowtails die on tropical pipevines but not what those particular ones are the aristolochia gigantea is listed as a host for Polydamus swallowtails in South Florida.( I'm in Louisiana)So does that mean it is not one of the bad tropicals since certainly they also get pipevine swallowtails there? has anyone raised Pipevine cats on the gigantea? I'm leary of the caterpillars dying thing because the same source also says Gulf Fritilaries will die on the red passionvines and I had a red passionvine that supported them just fine. I have been trying to get pipevine for 4 years. The first Pipevine I was able to locate was the gigantea and it is growing so beautifully I would hate for it to be butterfly poison.

Thanks so much. I'd happily do away with the gigantea if I Knew it would hurt the caterpillars.

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