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Growing Aristolochias

14 years ago

I don't remember who sent me the A fimbriata seeds, but they have done wonderfully. I potted up 5 of the plants in a huge pot to let them begin to stretch out and grow.

Also, the serpentaria seeds that I got from Rod Angeroth have done really well also. The plants are still small, but I didn't start them as soon as I started the fimbriata. I started the fimbriata last fall, and I started the serpentaria early this year. It took the serpentaria roots a long time to germinate. I still have plants germinating.

Clematitis seeds have proved to be very difficult to get to germinate. I have one that has germinated so far. I will keep the soil mix damp and not give up as I have heard that it can take over a year to get them going.

I just hope the Pipevines appreciate all the effort I'm going to to feed them!! :)

A picture of the newly planted fimbriata:



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