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Lobster Claw, doing poorly, why?

18 years ago


I have a Lobster Claw type Bromeliad. I purchased it when it was in full bloom with four yellow-red flowers on it. I planted in a mix of peat, perlite and sand, placed it on a humidity tray, keep the leaf cups full of fresh distilled water and allowed the soil to dry slightly between waterings. It sat on my coffee table, about three feet away from a south-west facing window. The plant did really well for the first several months. Now all of a sudden, the outermost leaves are turning brown and curling up and its flowers are browning and becoming crispy. It still has a lot of green foliage, though. Is there anything I can do to help bring it back, or is it a lost cause? I hope someone can give me some advice on it-- It's one of my favorite houseplants!


Amber Rae

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