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Winter snow, winter buds, winter blooms

13 years ago

I just got dumped by more snow...enjoy the photos!

my larger Agave ovatifolia


younger Agave ovatifolia


Not a succulent but a Palm, Trachycarpus wagnerianus, the effect with the snow is interesting


Some true "winter" growers for you, blooming or budding actively despite temps into the 30's F every night, with daytime highs barely reaching 50F:

Aloe krapohliana v. dumoulinii - looking forward to some colorful blooms


Fenestraria in bud


Several Titanopsis species in bud


Pleiospilos nelii, in bud


Euphorbia polygona


Crassula mesembryanthemopsis in full bloom


Another Crassula sp.


Bonus - no buds or blooms, but the leaves look cool on this Adromischus


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