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Tiny divots & yellowing in Jade leaves

8 years ago

I am new to succulents. This Jade plant is my first one which was given to my 3 year old grand-daughter by a lady who works at the local garden center.They were actually throwing away the 1 1/2 inch tall specimens to make room for the fall/winter plants but one lady gave it to her for free. Of course, I am the caretaker LOL

A little background on the plant:

I repotted it in Black Gold Cactus Mix Potting Soil & it stayed outside until the weather began dropping into the 40's at night. Upon bring it inside, it sits in a corner window in my bedroom where it receives morning sun from the eastern window and afternoon sun from the southern window. For cloudy days & sometimes after the sun has descended on partially sunny days, it will sit under its own fluorescent desk lamp. (6500K & 1300 lumens.)

No leaves have dropped off since we brought it home. And in the last month or so it has developed a few more leaves on top. It is only watered if the moisture meter points to the "dry" zone, which has been twice since early November.

In the pictures I have included, are what appear to be little "divots" in the leaves or tiny tan "craters" on the leaf surface.These are only on the bottom 2 leaves and have been there since we brought it home. I have wiped all of the leaves down on both sides and the stem with rubbing alcohol & a Q-tip two times since we got it. At first I thought it might be scale, but like I said before, they are more like "divots" or "craters" in the leaves. I mentioned before I am new to succulents, so I don't know what caused this. Being a novice, I kind of think perhaps they are scars from being wounded when shipped to the nursery or just from being mishandled. But what do I know? LOL And that is why I am here. I am hoping someone might have the answer.

Also, on these same leaves, they are a little yellow from the center of the leaves to the tips. Again, the leaves were like this when we got it. No other leaves have this yellowing. However, I do see one or two tiny, dark brown, circular, almost necrotic spots on another leaf or two... neither of which are on the new growth. I do not know if they were there when we brought it home or if they developed after we got it. Anyone know what it is?

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