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First Pipevine Swallowtail Eggs and Wren's Nest

12 years ago

A female pipevine swallowtail - probably the one I released a couple of weeks ago - hung out in the garden in the middle of the day, typical egg-laying time. So I came back later and found just one cluster of eggs, but it's a big one -

I also released two more pipevine swallowtails, a male and the second female of the season. The female was a big one, and I imagine it won't be too long before she'll be laying eggs out there, too.

The red admiral girls are still laying eggs right and left, and the sleepy orange caterpillars have become visible! :)

I know this isn't a bird forum, but I've got to share these pictures of a Carolina wren's nest. A friend of ours climbed some of our oak trees to repair some hurricane damage several years ago. He left his climbing spikes here, he forgot to come get them and we forgot to bring them back to him for a long time, and then his legs were badly injured in a car wreck, so he told us to just keep them. Wrens have made nests in some interesting places before, like my potted plants or on a little ledge area under the front porch, but this was too funny!

And here's the five eggs -


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