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Shriviling angel trumpet cuttings

15 years ago

Hi I have three varietys of angel trumpet plants that I rooted and were doing well in a pot. One day I noticed fungus gnats in the pots so I decided to get rid of the dirt and wash off the plants and roots and planted them in fresh potting soil. They were doing well for a while and now 2 of them "Yellow and White" seem to be shriveling up and drying out. Can you explain or think what going on wrong here? I keep them watered I think correctly and under a plant light but worried they are going to die. I did have them on a window sill "Inside" and maybe the pot got too cold? They are now on the floor in a warmer place. (I live in OH) Should I take them out of the soil and put them back in water to make sure the rooting is ok. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!! Thanks so much. I'm new to these plants.

Christine P

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