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Spring Monarch Eggs!

12 years ago

Normally the monarchs that pass through here in spring do just that - pass through. While I was working in my garden, I saw this faded female monarch laying eggs on my little Asclepias curassavica plants, springtime monarch eggs being a first for me -


There are more pipevine swallowtail eggs on the vines, and the early instar cats are growing. I love the red color they have when they're little -


I've been transplanting Ruellia caroliniana plants that came up from seeds around my three original plants. I had potted them up, let them grow to a decent size in their containers, and now I'm planting them along my road/driveway. This has been one of the most vigorous and reliable native plants I've grown. They're supposed to be host plants for buckeyes, and I'd be thrilled if they'd use them, but the flowers are so pretty, that alone makes them worth planting.


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