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'Lady in Red' Texas Sage - question

'Lady in Red' is one of my most successful summer bloomers. It reseed's itself, year to year, and does so beautifully in our hot and humid summers here in mid Arkansas. Once blooming begins, it will flower continuously until the first frost.

My question is, if you grow this plant, have you ever noticed very small caterpillars feeding on the flower buds before they have a chance to open? In the past, I have pinched off the flower spikes and tossed them. This goes on for a while until whatever it is seems to have gotten past the egg laying stage. The caterpillars are very small and dark brown and they eat the unopened flower buds, not the leaves. I hate to think I'm killing off something I shouldn't be but when I leave them alone, they destroy the blooms over a long period of time.

Would anyone know what might feed on the flower buds of this sage? Have you ever heard of a butterfly or moth cat eating only the flowers of a plant?



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