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OT, but fun: When do you take down your holiday decorations?

12 years ago

I just thought this might be a fun topic. When do you take down your holiday decorations?

My family has always had a tendency to let Christmas linger a little long in our home. My mom was particularly guilty, as she had her own tree that went in the living room (the "family" tree went in the family room - that's where we did presents). This was her tree, which she spent hours painstakingly decorating to her specific taste to match the decor of her living room. So she usually had a hard time bringing herself to undress it and put everything away. The record, however, was when one year my dad drove past the house with his boss in the car, and they both looked up at the big picture window to see Mom's glorious Victorian rose-pink and white trimmed tree, all alight in shimmering white lights - in APRIL. Dad's boss commented, "Y'all still celebrating Christmas?" My dad retorted, "Yeah, my wife's a little late this year putting the tree away." He came home that evening and told her, "Honey, it's time to take down the Christmas tree. It's almost Easter."

How about y'all? What's the longest any of you have left up your Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza or other year-end holiday decorations?


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