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Lady Jane almost blooming

11 years ago

My lady Jane is about to bloom. And then i'll get to see wether it is a real lady or not ;-) hahaha... I get the feeling LJ is a bit elusive and buyers get whatever it looks remotely like it. But i will stay positive.

I have a Blossom Peacock, an AB and a big RL that were planted 3 weeks ago and are still doing nothing. They look like they are making nice roots, but no flower bud emerging or other signs of life above the ground.... uhmmm.... they are warm enough and get also plenty of light... have only have this once before and it was indeed a BP too. I almost wanted to throw away the bulb, thinking it had dyed, but very close inspection showed a side bulb emerging and a bit later there was the flower stalk. It took more than 12 weeks to see some sign of growth! Anyway, it was the wait worth, that BP was my best plant, growing healthy and blooming regularly twice a year. Till it got NBF, unfortunately. A side bulb of that big BP is still with me and had this spring it's first blooms... it was beautiful :-)

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