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My Garden and its Butterflies from Common to Rare :-)

Daniel Sanchez
14 years ago

Well. Hi. I have had a butterfly garden for four years and I have many plants that the butterflies here LOVE.

I have:


Porterweed( the blue, purple, red, and pink),

Mistflower(blue), Passionvines (at least 7 varieties),

Milkweed ( Tropical Milkweed, Zizotes Milkweed, and the Red Swamp mIlkweed along with the Pink Swamp Milkweed but I am growing some Arizona and Pineneedle Milkweeds from seed along with Butterflyweed and more Milkweed varieties but they are seedlings except the Tropical, Swamp, and Zizotes Milkweeds),

Butterfly Buttons,

Butterfly Bushes,


Barbados Cherry,

Potato Plant,

Grapefruit trees,

Valley Lemon tree,

Orange tree,

Tangerine tree,

Pentas ( pink and red and 1 purple and 1 white in a pot), Giant Milkweed tree,

Wild Parsley,

a Peach Tree,

Lantana ( Yellow, Dallas Red, White, Orange, and the creeping Purple),

a Mulberry Tree,

a Plum,

a Vasey Adelia tree,



Wild Mallows,

Powder puff tree,

1 small Dutchman's Pipevine,

Esperanza Trees (the yellow ones),

Cortez Croton,

Mexican Flame-vine,

Banana Trees,

a Starfruit Tree,

Green Shrimp Plant,


Tube Tong,

Runyun's Water willow,

and some weeds that butterflies use as host plants.



Pipevine Swallowtail -common

Black Swallowtail -common( I also saw a weird variation of one)

Giant Swallowtail -common(I have seen tons of caterpillars on my citrus trees)


Great Southern White -common

Giant White -uncommon

Checkered White -common

Florida White -uncommon


Yellow Angled Sulphur -RARE( stray from Mexico)

White Angled Sulphur -Very Uncommon-Rare(Stray from Mexico)

Orange Barred Sulphur -Uncommon

Cloudless Sulphur -Common

Large Orange Sulphur -Common

Southern Dogface -Common

also a lot of little small Sulphurs I think Danity sulphurs?) -Common?

Lyside Sulphur -Common

and other Sulphurs that I think are common


Tropical Leafwing -Common


Red Admiral -Common

Monarch -Common

Queen -Common

Soldier -Uncommon

Gulf Fritilary

Zebra Longwing

and tons of other Brushfoots butterflies most of which are common


Carolina Satyr -Common


Blue Metalmark - Uncommon (only found in one county in the whole U.S.! -Cameron County,Tx (where I live)

Red Bordered Pixie -Uncommon to occasional

Red Bordered Metalmark -Common

and a few other common ones


Guava Skipper -Uncommon (stray from Mexico)

Brazilion Skipper -Common

Longtailed Skipper -Common

and other Longtailed and Spreadwing Skippers (including the Fiery Skipper)

And TONS of other butterflies! These are just the ones I could remember! :-)

I will get pictures very soon :-)

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