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Photo's of Some Winter Sowed Plants

15 years ago

I haven't had access to a camera until just recently so I never had a chance to show everyone some of the flowers I winter sowed this past winter.

Here is a photo of some winter sowed heavenly blue morning glorys, along with a number of other plants, like veronica, joe pye weed, the butter fly bush in the back. Then there's the purple coneflower from the seeds that Trudy sent to me.


Here is a better shot of my profussion zinnias, apricot and white. There are also some Envy Zinnias in back of the profussions.


It wasn't a very good summer here in New Englad, we had too many thunder storms with one of them totally leveling my bee balm just before it was ready to bloom. Oh well, will be doing it all over again next winter!


One last photo of the Campanula "Brantwood" that I winter sowed back in January and just started to bloom two days ago.


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