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3 Leafy Spurge Hawk Moth Cats-devouring my plant, Help!

14 years ago

I did some research on the internet, and found what is eating one of my two euphorbias a friend gave me this spring. I have been here before for encouragement when other (smaller) cats have eaten on my plants, and was told and found out that they do not kill the plants.

These things, on the other hand, are not natives. They were imported from Europe to control leafy spurge in farm/ranch fields. They are huge and are going to eat the whole plant. I imagine it will come back next year, but do we want to keep increasing the range of these moths?

I was thinking about using a stick to remove 2 of the cats and put them in a bird bath for the birds to find, and leaving one to finish off my plant. If someone here tells me to let nature take its course I may. Do any of you have experience with these critters?

The first set of photos I took, they did not have their horns up. I took some others in between, and when I saw their horns out, I took some more photos of them.

This one stayed in this spot the whole session.


This one moved around while I was taking pics.


Here are all 3, the one in the first pic is on the lower left. The one in the second, is on the right. You can see the defoliation they have caused.




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