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Landscaper knocked down Saquaro

17 years ago

My parttime landscaper just knocked over one of my baby saquaros with his flatbed. It is only about 4 feet tall and is native to our property. I could smell alcohol on his breath and ask him if he had been drinking. He said no. When I pressed him he said he had one beer. I think he had more, but certainly can't prove it. I was going to pay him $300 to haul away a flatbed full of palo verde trimming that we cut ourselves.

He says he can get me a replacement that is much smaller and he is also out there trying to replant the saguaro. There is a small amount of root left, but most is broken. I am hoping there is enough left for it to survive.

I am upset and not sure what to do. Should I withhold some or all of the money for the hauling until he brings me a replacement? Should I find out from a nursery what it would cost? I need some advice.

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